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Decorated Skull Cookie set with separate eye cookie

I love making cookie sets, a while back I made a simple skull cookie and paired it with an eye ball cookie.

It was such a hit that I decided to film a tutorial for you, here is the newest version. I don't have a link for this exact cutter but there are several skull cutters on the market and chances are you already own one just tweak the design to fit on that. 

This years version has a slightly darker feel, I left out the web but obviously you could add it on your cookies. Here is the template for the cookie, I am supplying you with both versions of the design.

And last but not least here is the step by step video that explains in detail how to recreate my design.

Purchases made via my Amazon Store contribute to my expenses, thanks in advance.

Decorated Owl Cookies with royal icing transfer eyes

With little advance preparation, elaborate cookie projects can come together more easily. Here I created a cute owl couple you'll find the step by step tutorial & template at the botton of this post.

Watch the detailed video showing you how to get started now on the royal icing transfers so you'll be ready to make these cuties for your family when Halloween rolls around.
Here is the link to the cutter:
Purchases via my Amazon Shop help me since I receive a commission from the sales made there. 
And lastly, here are the templates for my design.

Taking it off in Montreal

In this post I am sharing with you my latest video where I decorate 1 cutter in 3 different techniques.
Here is the link to the cutter:

Link to a bow push mold: Bows#2 Mold by GSA ** You could simply cut the tails off the yellow bow

Here are the 2 templates to recreate my designs. For the royal icing tie template simply use the bottom template.

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