Monday, January 14, 2013

Cookies & Candy Valentine's projects

So excited to announce that I'll be collaborating on some Valentine projects with my friend Haniela. Her blog is filled with beautiful photos and recipes that will make your mouth water. Once you are done here be sure to head over to her blog and see what she has created for you.

The idea for the project  was to create a set of treats made of Cookies & Candy, here is my tutorial.

Today's project is a stunning cookie gift box, decorated with isomalt sugar creating the see through top.

You will find the complete video tutorial here.

I highly recommend you watch Cake Play's YouTube video on their product to achieve the best results as well as for your safety. Melted sugar is extremely hot and should be handled with care.

Supplies for this project:

2 heart shaped cookie cutters, one of them should be about 1" smaller than the other
You will need a total of 3 large cookies per box (2 with a cutout)

Clear isomalt sugar
Gold luster dust
Royal Icing
Gold food gel
Red candy hearts (or other bright coloured candies)

Funnily enough I had create a similar cookie a while back for Haniela, it was for a swap. Some of you may have already seen it a cookie locket inspired by a tattoo I saw.

If you liked the above tutorial you may also enjoy my project from last year, also a cookie box.

Here is the template I created for you:

Don't forget to visit Haniela's Cookies & Candy project