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Henna peacock cookie tutorial

For today's post I will be revisiting a design I made back in August 2009, recently featured on Cake Central. Here is a photo of the original version of the cookies.

I even found my original sketch which I used to create a template for you to use.

Watch the video tutorial here.

Here is the May 2013 version, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Here is the template to facilitate making the royal icing transfers.
Some of the supplies used for this project:

4th of July Celebration Cake

The summer festivities are around the corner, all these activities can make it difficult to create the special touches we've come to love. This patriotic eagle cake can be made in advance and will surly be the talk of any 4th of July barbecue you bring it to.

You can make the gold stars & eagle topper at least 3 weeks in advance which will make the final assembly a snap. I would say that the majority of people own a 8" cake pan but if you are using a box mix this doesn't make for a tall cake. To create a tall cake without the waste, bake your mix in a 6" pan that is 3" tall, you can divide that into 3 pieces once filled it should be 4" tall. Here is a blog post which explains how to torte a cake.

Once I had filled and covered my cake in white buttercream I put it in the freezer. The actual decorating process was very fast since I had made my decorations in advance,  once done I put the completely decorated frozen cake back in the freezer to be enjoyed a…

Vintage cupcakes & cookies

I recently made some pretty cupcakes & cookies and managed to film it all for you, lets start with the cookies.

Photo by Elena Roussakis

The were made using a 3" round along with a 6 petal flower cutter to imprint the white area, watch the video here.

Here are a few supplies I used:

I also made some matching cupcakes, the toppers can be made in advance all you need to do is dry fondant discs in a paint tray.

Photo by Elena Roussakis

You can view the tutorial here.

Here are a few supplies used in the project:

Picture perfect cake plaques

For today tutorial I am going to share how to easily make perfect cake plaques, like the one on this cake.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Here are some of the supplies used in the tutorial.

Rainbow effect and zebra print on a fondant cake

I am combining 2 techniques today, in the first portion of the video I am airbrushing the cake to create a rainbow effect on the surface of the fondant.

If you are not already familiar with a colour wheel you should take a moment to study this image, it show which colour are made when combining 2 together.

Now here is the video.

In the second half of the video I create a zebra print using black fondant, I sped up a portion of this tutorial since it is repetitive.

Here are some supplies used in the tutorial:

Little boys need cute cakes to

For whatever reason, boy-friendly designs have never come naturally to me,  but this year I made an extra effort for my son's 9th birthday. When I told him I would be making him a dinosaur cake, he looked at me and said "can't you make a Transformer instead"? He wasn't feeling the whole idea but trusted me...sort of.

Here are a few photos of how it all came together. Below you will find the complete tutorials should you want to have a dinosaur party yourself. Our table display was enhanced by the wonderful dinosaur decorations made by the super-talented Elena of Just Me Prints. She made the gorgeous banner as well as the favour tags & table signs.

I started with the cupcakes since I could make the cupcake toppers in advance. I was making these as my party favours. Enjoy the video.

Here is the template for cupcakes & cookies:

Here are the cupcakes all wrapped up in clear containers with Elena's adorable tags.

Supplies for the cupcakes:

Next I made th…