Sunday, May 5, 2013

Little boys need cute cakes to

For whatever reason, boy-friendly designs have never come naturally to me,  but this year I made an extra effort for my son's 9th birthday. When I told him I would be making him a dinosaur cake, he looked at me and said "can't you make a Transformer instead"? He wasn't feeling the whole idea but trusted me...sort of.

Here are a few photos of how it all came together. Below you will find the complete tutorials should you want to have a dinosaur party yourself. Our table display was enhanced by the wonderful dinosaur decorations made by the super-talented Elena of Just Me Prints. She made the gorgeous banner as well as the favour tags & table signs.

I started with the cupcakes since I could make the cupcake toppers in advance. I was making these as my party favours. Enjoy the video.

Here is the template for cupcakes & cookies:

Here are the cupcakes all wrapped up in clear containers with Elena's adorable tags.

Supplies for the cupcakes:


Next I made the cookies, here is the video.

I love how the cookies looked on the green leaf plate.

Here are supplies used in the making of the cookies.

Last but not least the cake. I was extremely pleased to see my sons smiling face when he finally saw his cake. I am pretty certain that if you make this for your little man, you will get a very similar reaction. Click below to view my video tutorial.

Spike templates: 
Cake supplies:

Here is everything all together, I am pretty happy with how it all turned out.

Thanks for stopping by, Marlyn