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Wilton animal cutter set - Outline template ideas

An essential tool to any cookie decorator is obviously the cookie cutters, Wilton offers a 50 piece animal cutter set which is probably the best deal you'll find for animal shapes.

Here are all 50 shapes with some outline suggestions should you not be sure how each critters should look:




Bird - Flamingo


Bird - Fantasy

Bird - Owl

Bird - Duck

Bird - Dove

Bird - Penguin

Bird - Goose







Dino 1

Dino 2

Dino 3

Dino 4


Dolphin - Shark

Eagle - Bird


Farm - Cow

Farm - Horse

Farm - Pig

Farm - Rabbit

Farm - Sheep

Farm - Turkey

Fish 1

Fish 2













Worm - snake




Set image

I had to share this recent post I saw on facebook of animal cookies:

If you want to order your own cutter set I added the link below.


  1. Oh my gosh, this is so helpful! I have this set, but this gives me such a clearer vision of what each one would like like decorated! Thanks for posting this!

    You are right, this set definitely gives you the biggest bang for your buck!

  2. Marlyn - huge thank you. Sometimes I just sit there staring at the cutter without being able to envision how to proceed (the non-artist in my brain fights me from seeing clearly without a visual cue). This is a keeper!

  3. What a fantastic help to those of us with no artistic ability to see what's not there.
    May I please send you all my cookie cutters for your eye view help?

  4. I LOVE THIS! I can't wait to share. You're so clever!

  5. This is a fabulous resource...a gift actually! Thank you for your generosity.


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