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How to make a santa cookie using a nesting doll cutter

I love a Santa cookie for the holidays but I can't say I've had much luck finding a cutter I like for the job. I decided to try something out of the box and use my nesting doll cutter, I think he turned out pretty great.

I love his sturdy shape, he could be mailed safely without losing body parts which is always a huge disappointment.

Here are the templates for the project:

Watch the video here.

Cutter available here:

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Maze Christmas tree cookie - How to make a cookie toy

Welcome to today's tutorial, here is a photo of the finished project.

I don't usually like to photograph my cookies in the cellophane bag but in this case that is what is holding the marbles on the maze.
Here is the template for the design:

You can easily have this work on any shape just be sure to leave enough space for your candy to pass.
I hope you enjoy the video be sure to watch to the end where I share a decorative ribbon trick.

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Decorating fondant cookies with your airbrush

This video isn't so much about the design I'd like to focus more on the technique, I'll show you how to section off your fondant to then paint it with your airbrush and reassemble the parts onto the cookie. This puzzle technique allows for a perfect fit for each piece it will reduce the amount of fondant used on your cookie BONUS is no leftover bits of coloured fondant.

Now onto the video!

Nesting doll cutter available here:

Face stamps available here:

Thanks for watching!