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Christmas Cookie Greetings - Video Tutorial

For today's post the talented Hani of Haniela's Food & Photography invited me to be a part of a virtual cookie party. We were instructed to find inspiration from a holiday card.

Welcome to my portion of the festivities which was inspired by a beautiful hand-crafted card.

The best part is that the artist Elena lives only two minutes away, we actually got to meet and brainstorm together. You can visit her blog to see all her adorable paper crafts & handmade party decorations :

I not only wanted to design a cookie but also a hostess gift to bring when you go "home for the holidays". Below are some photos of the unpackaged cookies, I was trying to replicate a quiet street during the holidays. Be sure to watch the end on the video where I share how to keep the cookies in place when filling the jar. After watching my video don't forget to scroll all the way down where you will find the…

Chevron anyone?

I got a request from Vicki of Vicki's Sweets to do a tutorial on chevron print on a cookie, so here it is. I created 2 tutorials the first is done in royal icing the second video is done with the airbrush, you decide which you perfer.

Video number 1 chevron in royal icing

Video number 2 chevron done with an airbrush

Peekaboo Cookies

Not sure about the name but I am pretty excited about today's post, I think these cookies could work in any color and would be off the charts in gold.

To make these cookies you will need to order wafer paper, available here:

They are offering a special trial pack of 5 sheets for $10, SHIPPING INCLUDING this offer is also open to Canadians. You can order a trial pack of frosting sheets should you want to try those as well.
Once you decide on the punch you may find a round cookie looks best but in my video I used a simple square one.

The punch is a little more complicated than the usual ones, you may want to watch a video tutorial I found on YouTube:

Last but not least here is the video on how to actually make the cookies:

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Shabby chic lace effect on cookies

First I want to thank everyone who has been following my YouTube journey, earlier this week I hit my personal target of 300K views on my channel. I work very hard on my videos to not only show design ideas but to create new techniques to inspire you to try them yourselves. Please know I appreciate your time and value you feedback and support, “merci” everyone.

In today’s video I will show you how to easily create an elegant background to your cookies.

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