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  1. I have your mini gingerbread house cookie cutter.

    Where shall I mail it?

    Coni Cookies, Mountain View Ca.

  2. Hi!
    I love your creations. Thanks for sharing them with us through your blog and video tutorials.
    Happy holidays!
    (From São Paulo, Brazil)

  3. Hello, I wanted to get an inquiry, as I can get in touch with you?

    1. Hi, I can be reached at

  4. Hi Marlyn,
    I love, love, love your work and your videos, have watched them too many times to admit, so relaxing too! My email address is
    We are on the same wave, because I just finished several "princess" cookie (ball gowns) for my friend's birthday; she has had several years of hell, cancer, divorce, etc. and needs someone to encourage her to feel like a princess.

    I used many of your techniques on the gown skirt, the mounded pleats, sugaring sections at a time, and combining two different cutters into one cookie. Used the top of one dress with puffed sleeves and the skirt of a ball gown cutter that was very full, it created the perfect Cinderella look.

    Your execution is so flawless, and I am finding that so many factors are involved in creating the perfect icing. Just a teaspoon of water can make a huge difference in the flow... working on my execution as it still a long way to go! You are so gifted! Can't wait to see the princess castle video!

    A dedicated fan,

  5. oopps, correction

  6. Hello I LOVE your videos on YOUTUBE and think you are the best out of any artist of cookies out there.. I first wanted to say sorry If I ever offended you or said anything that was to harsh, sometimes I say things that I think is advice but it sounds rude and I'm sorry if I did that to you. I was BLOCKED from your site to comment and had no idea why, but that is all I can think of that I may have been a little to harsh. My name on on youtube is "NAYLA GIRL" and I would love to be able to comment and get your advice on so many things and I PROMISE to watch my wording and realize maybe what I have said was harsh.. SO sorry and I understand if you don't want to let me subscribe but if you do I promise to never put anything that will offend you again.. Thank you, Nayla Girl

  7. Dear Marlyn, First of all your work is amazing and very inspiring. I made the gum ball machine today but the cookies broke. I used a very simple sugar cookie recipe. I saw on your video you cut out the cirles and windows while the cookie is still hot! Am I correct? Well my cookie just fell apart when I tried!Can you please tell me the recipe of the cookie you are using for this particular project? I would really appreciat as I want to make this for Easter Sunday for the kids!Please please help me!Thank you so so much in advance! I am looking forward to your reply!Have a hippity hoppity Easter :)Zsizsi


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