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Heart themed first birthday cake

In this tutorial I'll be showing you how to make the decorations in advance which is essential to a stress free decorating experience. The bottom tier has a piece of edible lace & ribbon wrapped around the whole cake then I added a personalized name plate to the front.

The top tier is decorated with small hearts draped from a frosting sheet wire the cake is completed with a custom cookie topper.

You can view the video tutorial here
Supplies for this cake:1 white cake board 
frosting sheets
scissors plaque cutter royal icing & pipping accessories the top 1 cookie was hand cut
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Baby Belly Baby Shower Cake

Not long ago I was reading a post on Cake Wrecks about belly cakes, little did I know I'd get a request for one myself.

Here is my version, you can view the video here.

See links for cake pans below:

Decorating tools

Cake board
Texture mat
Small cutting wheel

Here is the whole set for this party

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Elegant white on white cookies

I recently made cookies for my friend Elena who celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss, you can see her party photos here.

Photo by Tanya Zaleski

My video will show you how to create all four of these designs.

The frame cookie was made using this cutter I cut the centre out with a small oval.

I am sorry but I do not have a link for the flower cutter if you like the shape let me know and I'll ask Plastics in Print to create one for you.

Presentation is key - Easter cookie bouquet

Today's post is to show you that even a simple design can stand out when well presented.

This cookie bouquet only has 2 simple cookies, a white bunny and a carrot but to me this bouquet is beautiful. I purchased a simple wooden box that I painted brown and distressed, then stencilled the word carrot onto the front. I added a little plastic grass and voila a little cookie magic.

I suggest that you either individually wrap the cookies before assembly or wrap the whole arrangement once done to keep the cookies clean & fresh.

Complete video tutorial here.

Arrangement supplies:

Decorative container
floral foam
brown tissue paper
artificial grass
rabbit & bunny cookie cutter set
lolly pop sticks
colours: orange, green, pink, black

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Cookies for Haniela's Easter Extravaganza

Thanks to Haniela for organizing this, there are a total of 22 amazing Easter projects so be sure to scroll all the way down to see them all.

For my portion of the "extravaganza" I have a working edible candy dispenser!

You can view the video tutorial here.

Should you wish to make these cookies you'll find the 6 piece cutter set exclusively at Plastics in Print.

I used clear isomalt sugar to create the window, you can order from Flour Confections.

For the plug you will need a total of 3 cookie layers, 2 small rounds stacked together attache them to a decorative cookie such as the butterfly, bunny or flower. This step is essential for sealing the hole and keeping the candy inside the dispenser.

The centre cookie can be cut using the egg cutter see image below:

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

If you plan on ordering these cutters you may want to check out this set as well to save on shipping, the video tutorial will be posted this week.

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Fondant Easter Egg Cookies

Keeping it short and sweet today! A quick & easy cookie design for those of you who decorate cookies with fondant, view video here.

Here are the supplies:

Textured mat
Egg cookie cutter
Sanding sugar
Paint brush
Rolling pin

Easter Egg Whoopie Pies

During most holidays once I'm done decorating everyone else's cookies I don't eel like making more for my own family, we usually end up with chocolate chip cookies.

Todays post was inspired by these cupcakes, I wanted to get the design on the batter but still have frosting which is a must for my family. I had planned on making the pink dot version for Valentine's day but I ran out of time. I still wanted to try my idea and needed a new twist for Easter, this is what I came up with.

Here is the link to the recipe I used, I followed it exactly and it was very good. The only thing I would mention is to make sure you puree the banana very well since it will be passing through the pipping tip. I put one spoonful of the batter in separate bowls to mix in the colours, which I then put in piping bags.

The kids were thrilled with both how they looked and tasted, enjoy!