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Easy buttercream owl cake

Today's tutorial is for a surprisingly easy cake project, I made a video for you to see how I did it.

Photos by Elena Roussakis

The finished cake was approximately 12" high, compiled of two 6" rounds (3" high pans) the top was one 6" ball pan. In the illustration below you can see that I only trimmed off a small portion off the cake where the owls face would be.

**The cake was assembled on a white 10" cake board.
If you are on a tight schedule buttercream cakes are the way to go, you can quickly decorate with few tools and little fuss.

- Belly & face- done with cream coloured buttercream using a #18 star piping tip.  - Body feathers - done with chocolate buttercream using a #364 piping tip - Beak & feet - Done with a combination gold & yellow fondant and hand molded. - Eyes - Done with white fondant and a simple scalloped cutter, the middles were done using a button mold that were then airbrushed black. Black royal icing for the lashes and a 1.…

Exploding cake topper

It's not easy to bake AND decorate a pretty cake after a long day at work, I create my tutorials with working moms hectic schedule as a major consideration.

Today's tutorial was inspired by this cake design, my simplified version will allow you to make it days in advance keeping you stress free while still impressing your guests.

Watch my video tutorial here.

Supplies for this project:

Here is another version of the design, the whole cake is buttercream with the fondant triangles.

Woodland birthday party

We recently celebrated our daughters birthday, since she is a nature girl we went with a woodland theme. You can see all the party photos and details on Elena's blog today.
Photo by Elena Roussakis

I'll be releasing tutorials from the party in the coming weeks, I am still in the editing process.

Link to 3 tutorials below:

- Owl cupcake stump
- Buttercream owl cake
- 3D mushroom cookiescutter here

Cute cupcake stumps with owls

Todays tutorial is for a cute cupcake project, these stump cakes were made for my daughters woodland themed party (party photos here).

Photo by Elena Roussakis

I started by pipping a small owl onto a piece of glass which I then used to stamp my fondant, I cut out each owl with a small round cutter. I placed each fondant discs to dry on the inside of a propped up cupcake pan (one in each hole). You can see the rest of the process in the video tutorial here.

I used this stamp set as my templates for both the owl & the mushrooms

Here is the top view of the finished cupcakes.

Photo by Elena Roussakis

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Baby Safari Cake and Elephant Topper

Today's tutorial is for this very popular baby shower theme, ideal for a first birthday as well.

Please take a moment to look at the animals around the base, I made those by decorating pieces of gum paste but if you prefer you could use decorated cookies. You could use the exact same decorating techniques to make coordinating sugar cookies. You could also use the mini animals as cupcake toppers or make them in cookie and fill mini jars to offer as your favours.

Here are the templates to the animal shapes.

The cake board (12" square) is covered in white fondant which I airbrushed green along with the edge of the bottom cake (8" round). The top tier (6" round), here the cake plaque and rickrack ribbon was airbrushed blue.

TIP: Colouring your cakes after they are covered using the airbrush stops you from having clumps of leftover fondant colours. I used to have leftover fondant in many assorted colours which would all to often end up unused. Now my fondant bucket is fil…

Easy summer themed cookie bouquet

Summer is finally here! For many this means the end of school, birthday parties & family gatherings of all kinds.

Today's post is a super easy cookie project that you can quickly put together for any of the festivities mentioned above. This cookie bouquet would also make a great teachers gift for the end of the school year.

One of the most time consuming steps in cookie decorating is mixing all the colours which is why I love this cookie design, with only 2 colours you can get to work quickly.

Watch video here:

Template to this design, more animal template under this post.

Here are a few supplies used for this project:

Wilton animal cutter set - Outline template ideas

An essential tool to any cookie decorator is obviously the cookie cutters, Wilton offers a 50 piece animal cutter set which is probably the best deal you'll find for animal shapes.

Here are all 50 shapes with some outline suggestions should you not be sure how each critters should look:




Bird - Flamingo


Bird - Fantasy

Bird - Owl

Bird - Duck

Bird - Dove

Bird - Penguin

Bird - Goose







Dino 1

Dino 2

Dino 3

Dino 4