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Fondant Friday - Creepy Halloween Cupcakes

Last weeks cupcakes design was more cutsie today I am going for creepy, a domed spiderweb with a furry green spider.

Watch the tutorial here.

Supplies you might need to make these yourself:

Thanks for watching, Marlyn

Frankenstein cookie tutorial

Here is the video tutorial.

Here is the template for the eyes and nose.

Here are some of the supplies used in this project.

I couldn't find any online cutter information for you, I got mine it at Michaels a few years ago

(I couldn't find the operation game so I added a mold making kit to the supplies, video here)

Domed confetti cupcakes

Here are some supplies used in the video tutorial

Fondant Pumpkin Cupcake Toppers

Welcome to another instalment of Fondant Fridays! With fall just around the corner I thought I would make a pumpkin themed cupcake.

In this tutorial I will show you how to easily create these adorable toppers in advance so you can quickly assemble the cupcakes on the day of your party.

Watch the video here.
Here they are all done, I am certain they would be the talk of any party.

Here are some of the supplies I used in my video:

Paint Palette Cookies for Tuto Tuesdays!

Introducing Tuto Tuesdays!! I will be posting a new tutorial every Tuesday along with Fondant Fridays where the video will focus on the use of fondant in decorating. Now onto today project!

I'm pretty excited about todays "Tuto"!! Some of you may remember my video on creating colouring page cookies, if not here is the link. In that video I show you how to create colouring page cookies for your kids to decorate easily using edible markers.

I still love the idea but it gets complicated when you want to give these cookies as favours. I created a new and improved version of these cookies which will make it possible to include many colours with each cookie at a low cost to you.

Introducing the Paint Palette Cookie!!!

These cookies can be customized to be in any shape and design you want and all you need to decorate them is water and a paintbrush or even a cotton swab.

Enjoy the video here, if you enjoy it please show your appreciation by sharing it with your friends.

Thanks so…

Fondant Fridays! Easy fondant skull cookies

I haven't made a fondant cookie video in a while, with Halloween around the corner I thought I'd post something fun & easy for those of you who prefer to decorate in fondant.

These fondant skull cookies are so easy to make but still very impressive.

Watch the video tutorial here.

Here are a few tools used in the making of these cookies (pinching tool for mouth).