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About Me

Marlyn is the face behind the hands you see on Montreal Confections YouTube channel, she has been sharing her passion for cookie decorating there since 2010. She not only designs beautiful cookies but also invents great new techniques such as the Paint A Cookie sensation.
A self-taught decorator with royal icing running through her veins she is obsessed with all things cookie. She lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with her husband and two children. Marlyn’s works have been featured in Cake Central Magazine, Cake Wrecks, 1,000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cookies & Cakes, Crafty Blog and more!


  1. Hi Maryln, This is small note to say thank you for your excellent tutorials. I follow them on youtube and have learnt so much. Recently I had a large order of Minnie Mouse face cookies and used your lala loopsy tutorial as a guide. Did have the same request last year and the cookies were not upto the mark, even though client was happy with them. Sending you pictures of both to show you how much I've learnt from your amazing tutorials. A very big thank you.

    Cookies done last year

    Last weeks order

  2. Hi marlyn. Your decorating work is exceptional ... love it. Would like to know what to use to get royal icing red red like you did on those cookies with the worm. My icing never gets red like that. Would be appreciated. Thanks


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